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How to avoid these

Writing Mistakes!

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Writing is NOT easy. It take work, practice and editing, lots of editing, to make content or your book stand out.

As a professional book and content editor, here are 5 things I see people do wrong, all the time.

1. Writers don't engage their reader. They write content in a dry, boring, overview type style. YAWN 😴 Get into detail, make it juicy, use descriptive words that create emotion! Create Engagement!

2. They make statements and don't back them up or explain what they said or meant. If you make a statement, people want to know WHY you said it. This creates interest.

3. Writers don't use lead-ins effectively for their intro's, the start of sections or chapters. You have to draw the person into the section or paragraph or the beginning of the book. You have to pique their interest, in order to keep them reading.

4. Authors don't give enough information, background or setting info, and the reader is left wondering or left hanging. No one likes this! PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW WHY! Tell them all the details. The trick is to weave a story they can see in their mind, no matter if it is content about accounting or yoga pants. People need to relate, for it to be a compelling, and you do this through telling a descriptive story.

5. Writers create terrible conclusions. They write the conclusion, as if it was an after thought. But it needs to be the BEST part of the story and create the most impact. This is your chance to sum up the story you wove and leave the reader with a lasting emotional impact.

Take the time to step out of being you, and read your work from your ideal clients perspective or someone who knows nothing about your content. Did you explain it well, was it interesting? If you come away with questions, go back and explain some more, weave a better story.

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