• We have all the tools to help

    an author achieve success


    Who do we work for?

    • First time authors
    • Seasoned authors
    • Compilation book authors
    • Speakers
    • Coaches
    • Business professionals 
    • Bloggers
    • Healers
    • Lightworkers

    We edit any type of content or genre and can even ghost write articles,

    books, courses, web and marketing materials for you!



    We also transcribe webinars, speakers video's, podcasts, audio files, Facebook Live videos, You/Tube videos, radio shows and meetings. We turn your audio or videos into documents that you can leverage into books, social media posts, blogs and courses.


    We will even leverage your material for you and get it out to your ideal clients!



    We help you to market effectively and efficiently, to your ideal reader or clients, write and design your marketing content, create a website and e-commerce store, create social media posts and ads, help you run book signing and media events and help you create covers for your books and products.



    We can help you find a publisher that is right for you and your budget, help you learn what publishing options are best for you and help you with book launches, book signings and media events.


    We help you avoid Self-Publishing and Vanity Publishing Pitfalls!



    We can help you set up and run special events, books signings, speaking events and Facebook Launch Parties!

    We are truly a full service Editing company!

  • our SERVICES

    We can help you with the entire book writing process, from Start to Market!

    Professional Editing

    Even seasoned authors need an editor and we edit much more then just grammar and spelling!


    Our team edits:

    • flow
    • sentence structure
    • chapter lead-ins
    • how understandable your book is to your ideal reader
    • chapter placement
    • ideal reader engagement
    • ideal reader interest level and expectation
    • setting
    • theme
    • character development
    • introduction, conclusion and climax impacts, on the ideal reader

    We make sure your message gets across, in the most engaging way, to your ideal reader and that your book is highly marketable to your client base.


    Helping You write your Book

    Writing a book is much more complex then it looks and really great authors know their ideal readers inside and out and create engaging content for them to read.


    We can help you:

    • create a book outline
    • create character, theme, setting and climax outlines
    • create introduction and conclusion outlines
    • to enhance your story or parts of your story
    • to brainstorm ideas
    • give you examples of your genera style
    • get out of or avoid writers block
    • set up a schedule for writing
    • stay motivated to write
    • learn how to self edit as you go along, to reduce your editing time needed, after the book is complete
    • offer support and encouragement

    We can even teach you to find friends and family editors, who can give you a first draft edit of your book, so you can make changes before our team of professional editors, polishes your book. This saves you money in the long run.


    We can give you pre-made contacts and forms, needed to get permission to use other peoples names and stories in your book.


    We can help you understand the legal issues around writing books and help you understand the need for author insurance.


    Title, Cover, Head shot, Bio, Promotional Materials

    Not all graphic artists know how to create a book cover. Do you know about bleeds, specs and trim lines?


    We can help you:

    • design a book cover that your ideal reader will love
    • write a professional biography
    • find a photographer in your budget 
    • learn how to post for a head shot, that will catch peoples eye
    • create marketing material
    • create personal stationary
    • create signage for your book signings
    • create social media posts to promote your book
    • create a website and e-commerce store


    How to Publish your Book

    There is so much to know about publishing!


    Should you go with a:

    • Traditional publisher
    • Vanity publisher
    • Self publisher
    • Indy publisher

    Should you:

    • have Amazon publish your book
    • create an E-book
    • create an audio book
    • Self publish

    And what about international markets? Kindle is not everywhere - how do you reach your ideal reader, worldwide?


    What is the BENEFIT of publishing on your own vs publishing with a proper publishing house? What is the cost difference? How much work do you have to do to market your book?


    We can help get quotes, get your book printed and delivered to you, if you decide to self-publish.


    We can help you understand the options you have, what works right for you and your budget and how you can avoid publishing pitfalls!


    Marketing and Special Events

    Our team has amazing experience creating, planning and overseeing launches, speaking events, special events and books signings! We can teach you how to do it yourself or create and manage them for you!


    We can create all the graphic signage, personal stationary and cards, you need to look professional and even get them printed and delivered to you!


    We can plan, set up, manage and moderate Facebook Launch Parties. We can find give-aways for you, help you find joint venture partners, find sponsors and follow up with your guests after the event, to create more books sales and to get you coveted reviews for you book. We also make sure the give-aways get out to the winners and your joint venture partners and sponsors feel the love!


    We have experiencing connecting with the press and online publications, TV and Radio, and we can help you get into the spotlight, locally or internationally.


  • Who is Lisa Petr?

    I am time zone flexible, so I can help people all over the world

    get the book that is inside of them, written out and to press!

    Lisa Petr

    Zen of Why Enterprises

    Owner, Business Coach, Social Media Marketer, Professional Book Editor and Ghost Writer

    Lisa is a marketing and special events professional, with over 15 years experience as an entrepreneur and service provider, to small business owners. She is an international, motivational speaker, life and business coach, author of 8 books, ghost writer and professional book editor.


    Lisa has vast experience hosting many types of special events, from meetings to corporate parties, to speaking events and also organizing large trade shows. She has booked and managed entertainers, done Breakfast T.V. spots, helped open the Hyatt Hotel in Calgary, AB, Canada and was the head Law of Attraction Coach, for Mind Movies.


    She is a production graphic artist, a proficient web designer and expert social media marketer. She has an in-depth knowledge of the publishing industry, promotional industry and social media industry.


    In her early years, she worked for advertising and special events firms and marketed for a multi-level marketing company. She was the executive editor for a Mortgage Magazine and head editor for a women's magazine and publishing company. She has in-depth understanding of how to write, edit, publish and market engaging books.


    Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time

  • Testimonials

    What our Clients have to say . . .


    Addictions Specialist,

    Counselor and Speaker

    Lisa and her team have been phenomenal. They truly have been the key for us in creating the framework, that will drive my business to the next level. There is not doubt in my mind, that with her help, my company will be hugely successful.


    They took such an incredible interest in my company and understood the subtleties and nuances in a way, that allowed them to contribute meaningful ideas; that simply made my company and my books much better. I sincerely feel like she dropped from the heavens. She has helped me in immeasurable ways. I so highly recommend her services, you will be amazed.



    Todd Ritchey

    CEO of Trilluminate Inc.



    Helen Maree

    How To Have a Day Spa at Home Book

    I just love, love, LOVE the little tweaks and additions you put in (my book). Thank you so much. I have added in some things where you suggested and I now truly believe that it is a really beautiful book.

    I'm so grateful to you for your help and it has been an enormous honor and pleasure working with you on it. I can't wait to work on the next book with you.


    Helen Maree


    Trish Corbett

    How to Raise Kids with Integrity

    Special thanks to Lisa, who has been an absolute pleasure to work with and has been so supportive throughout this journey I have undertaken, even though we are opposite side of the world. Lisa Petr, you are a wonderful amazing woman, who I one day hope to meet in person! I could not have done this without you - my wonderful editor!


    Trish Corbett


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